Daemontools has a rude behaviour

This message will be repeated in english.

Jag behövde läsa en ISO-fil och kunde just då inte använda MSs Virtual CD. Det är en liten, enkel, icke påträngande lösning.
På rekommendation installerade jag DaemonTools och den uppförde sig ofint.

Jag installerade och den bad mig boota om. Det är ok, den gör säkert lite krångliga saker som kräver omstart.
När jag hade installerat DaemonTools så fanns där ingenting. Jag skulle tydligen installera en gång till. Det är ok, installation är krångligt men jag hade gärna fått en dialog som berättar detta. Så jag installerade för andra gången.
När jag hade installerat DaemonTools för andra gången så fanns där ingen applikation i start-menyn där de brukar vara, utan jag skulle ta tag i musen och klicka på en ny ikon i sys-tray.

Vad sjutton är det som är så magiskt att DaemonTools måste starta samtidigt som min dator varje gång? Men det är ok - bara för att jag inte vill starta en CD-emulator vid varje uppstart så finns det säkert de som vill eller måste.

Men... nästa gång jag startade Internet Explorer var min startsida utbytt!
Installationen frågade mig aldrig om den fick lov att byta ut min startsida och även om den hade gjort det - Det finns Ingen I Världen som vill byta ut sin startsida i IE mot http://google.daemonsearch.com/se/ý eller http://search.daemonsearch.com/search/

Detta ofina beteende gör att jag misstror resten av DaemonTools också. Om de anser de kan byta ut startsidan i en av mina applikationer - vad anser de då de kan göra mer med min maskin?

Självklart har jag avinstallerat applikationen. Men vem vet vad som har avinstallerats. Kanske ligger där kvar ett rootkit à la Sony-BMG?

The other day I needed to read an ISO file and couldn't use MSs Virtual CD as I usually do. On recommendation I installed DaemonTools and it misbehaved.

I installed and it asked me to reboot. It is ok, there are probably lots of difficult things to do to create a virtual CD. When the rebooting was finished nothing new had happened. Something probably had, but what?
I am not angry about rebooting, sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do. But it would be nice with some information that I had to install again.
So I installed again and it looked fine. Except for there being nothing in the start meny as there usually is. I had to grab the mouse and click an icon in the systray.

What is so magic about DaemonTools that it has to autostart every time I log on? IMHO it would be better if one started it when needed. But what do I know? - it might do a lot of fancy stuff that requires it to be autostarted.

But... the next time I started Internet Explorer my start page was changed! I don't use IE unless I have to but what made someone decide that their choice of start page is more important than mine?
Honestly - there is No One In The World who wants to exchange their start page to http://google.daemonsearch.com/se/ý or http://search.daemonsearch.com/search/

This rude behaviour, overwriting my choice of start page in one of my applications, makes me wonder what more the application has done to my machine. Someone obviously has decided he knows more about my surfing needs than I. What has he decided he knows more? whether a keylogger should be good? whether I need an automatic update for yet another application?

Needless to say I uninstalled the application. But who knows what the uninstaller did...


Manuel Anaya said...

Wow! I've been user of Daemon Tools for several years and I've never had this search page auto-installed program. Yeah, that was mean from the software in case it didn't allow you to NOT to install the search page. In my personal case it happened with the messenger plus; there was a "i don't want to support the program, don't install the supporter's software" but I clicked next>>next>>next>>next as an usually lazy installation of mines. The result was a REALLY NASTY software that took control of the browsers, event messages display and so on. I learned this lesson first hand, afterwards I ensure to check the small letters of the installers.

neofob said...

Daemon Tool should be avoided. It's a big hunk of spyware and adware with (hopefully) some functionality hidden somewhere in it.

Instead use MagicISO: