Software architecting lacks good notation

I found a blog entry at http://www.matshelander.com/wordpress/?p=74 which although lengthy and wordy hits the spot.  There is no good notation system for software architecting.

My words: Comparing software architecting to building houses is ridiculous.  Just because they share the same name (architecting) doesn't mean they have a lot in common.  Compare a sea horse and a horse and you get the same useless result.

The romans would never be good at mathematics since they lacked a good notation.
What software architecting needs is a good notation.  UML is one way but it is not very good for evolving solutions and finding bugs.  Code is the best notation I know of but it is too close to the very program and not good at describing architecture.

Besides, after several thousand years of building houses we still miss the estimated cost.


Jenny said...

Another problem is also that customers imagine that they know what they want. Most of them don't, really, and even in those cases where they do know what they want, it isn't what they need. Since they don't really know how to describe their requirements, and, still worse, don't even realize that this is a problem, a successful outcome is a matter of luck and to hard work from the developers.

Finding the right question is the only way to come up with the right solution. Far too many companies and people don't understand that.

LosManos said...

> Finding the right question is the only way to come up with the right solution.

Except the "only" word I totally agree with you. For the whole comment.

The right question is not always the answer - sometimes you have to ask the right question several times to get the correct answer. How to recognise such a question is an experience matter.

I don't believe in neither "only" nor "impossible". (I hope I used nether/nor correctly.)